A basic life necessity we cannot do unless we feel valuable and worthy

I recently came across Hale Sofia Schatz, a nourishment educator.  Though I’m still learning about her and her work, I’ve come across some pretty great ideas I wanted to share with you.  Below is a beautiful quote from her book, that left me inspired and with a lot to think about:

“Nourishment means that our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits are open and willing to take in (what’s being) offered. To do this, we have to believe that we are valuable and worthy to receive.”

When we are eating, are we paying attention to what is going into our bodies with our heard, mind, and spirit?  How do we eat? Why do we eat? What do we eat?  More importantly, do we feel valuable and worthy to receive nourishment through our food?  That is powerful.  One of the biggest changes I’ve made is to become mindful of what I put into my body.  In order for me to do this, I really needed to step into my self-worth and my value.  Fully knowing that I am worthy and valuable enough to only consume that which will allow me to be my very best me. 

Hale’s model has taken this mindfulness to a completely different level.  Below is her model, the “Nourishment Cycle”, which poses wonderful questions that can help us with our mindfulness efforts:

Aren’t these questions great?  How often do you ask these to yourself before and while you are eating?  I didn’t do so often until I came across them!

  • WHO: How often do we feed our anxiety? Our sadness? I love it when I am feeding not only my body, but my mind and spirit.  Nothing feeds my spirit more than food that has been made with the best ingredients and with lots of love. 
  • HOW: Have you ever eaten while driving?  I am pretty sure I’ve done this at some point.  Well no more! Another terrible habit? Eating quickly while standing up in my kitchen, running to my next meeting.  I have made incredible progress at pausing, taking some time to look at my meal, enjoy it, and nourish myself.  I do still have a long way to go on this one!
  • WHY: Aside from being hungry, there are a ton of reasons why we eat.  Boredom.  Routine.  Because we feel we “have to” to keep someone company.  Let’s eat because we are fueling our body.
  • WHAT: The question we probably focus the most on, and probably one of the easiest ones to start with.  What are we feeding ourselves?  Junk or healthy, nutritious food? Processed food, or fresh, beautiful ingredients?

Let’s do this together! I would love to hear your thoughts on how you are nourishing yourself today and what improvements you would like to make tomorrow.  Leave a message below, and if you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family. 

Lots of Love,