The best way to avoid burnout

There are many ways for us to take care of ourselves and keep “burn-out” at bay.  Here is just one strategy, though I will keep sharing more! 

Here’s a great video of Marissa Meyer talking about burn-out and it's relationship to resentment.

One of the most important things you could do is to know what your values are.  If you compromise your values you will start to resent what is causing you to do this, whether an activity or a person.  Resentment will end up in burn-out!   

Now how do you discover what your values are?  One way to nail this is to think about a time you were extremely happy.  So happy you couldn’t believe it!  Where were you?  Who was with you?  What were you doing? Sit with this memory and experience, and really mine for information…Deep within you will see one or several of your values were being honored at that time.  For example, one of my happiest moments was a time at Stanford.  After deep reflection I realized how important the value of learning is for me.  I am always curious, always wanting to know why something works, why it doesn’t work, what I could learn, plus much more.  In order for me to avoid resentment and burn-out, I need to honor this value.  Another way to nail down your values is to think about how you want to be remembered once you are gone.  Really get into it – what do you want people to say about you?  And are you living this TODAY?  I hope so :)

I recommend that you have your top 4-5 values very clear and top of mind at all times.

Here’s also one of my earliest segments for Al Dia where we speak about this: