If you want more abundance in your life, do this…

Gratitude is something I practice moment by moment, day by day. 

My ability to do this is partially due to it being almost second nature to me, something I inherited from my mother, who is one of the most grateful people I know.  And part of it is a result of years of practicing gratitude.  Sometimes without even thinking about it, I am saying thank you to The Universe for the simplest things.  I am taking a hot shower and as I am enjoying the warmth, I realize I have been saying thank you the whole time, thinking of those outside in the cold, unable to take a hot shower.  I say thank you when I remember I have a place to live.  I say thank you when I think about all the yummy foods I’ve had the privilege to eat (and make!).  I say thank you for everything that I have in my life.

Gratitude opens up and expands your heart.  And guess what?  When you come from a place of gratitude, expansion, and abundance today, your energy shifts and you attract abundance tomorrow.  What’s beautiful is seeing the number of teachers that have told us this throughout the years.  One of my favorite miracles that Christ performed was the “Feeding of the 5,000”.  A multitude came to see Christ and as it became late, his disciples realized they had nothing to feed them with.  All they had were five loaves of bread and two fish.  Christ took these and blessed them, thanking God for what they had in that moment.  He then took the bread and fish and started breaking them off and passing the pieces down to his disciples, who gave them to people.  5,000 people ate.  Gratitude created abundance.  

I invite you to start practicing gratitude today.  Here’s an exercise I do every night: When I got to bed, I write down the things that I am grateful for that day (I keep a nice journal next to my bed).  Not only do I write these down, but I close my eyes and I feel the gratitude.  This is super important.  Close your eyes and relive the moment you are writing down, so your entire body feels grateful, not just your mind. It’s amazing! After I practice gratitude?  I do this. I promise you that with consistent day by day, moment by moment practice, you will start seeing the abundance flow in your life.