Can’t meditate? One mantra for immediate peace, anywhere

Sometimes it is easy to meditate.  You are able to find the time, the space, and the ability to drop in and reconnect with your True Self.  When that happens, it’s wonderful.

Other times though, it is quite hard to meditate.  You can’t find the time, as you rush from one place to the other.  You are not able to find a quiet place to close your eyes (this happens to me often now that I am a new mom).  And when you are able to find the time and space, it seems as if your “monkey” mind becomes the biggest obstacle.

That’s why it is great to have tools to rely on for support.  I have many tools I rely on, from go-to guided meditations to hi-tech tools such as a head band that tells me how well, or not, I am meditating on any given day.

Today I would like to share an incredibly easy and accessible tool.  It is a simple mantra you can use anytime and anywhere.  First of all, what is a mantra? A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.  A mantra does not have to be a prayer or have any religious connotations.

The mantra I want to share with you is the following: “Peace begins with me”. 

You can practice it in a wonderful way.  Begin my pressing your thumb against your index finger and say “Peace”.  Then press your thumb against your middle finger and say “Begins”.  Press your thumb against your ring finger and say “With”. Finally, press your thumb and your pinkie finger and say “Me”. “Peace. Begins. With. Me”. Repeat this over and over again, touching each finger as you say each word. “Peace. Begins. With. Me”. “Peace. Begins. With. Me”. “Peace. Begins. With. Me”. Repeat until you start feeling that inner peace that absolutely exists within you… even if right now it feels quite covered up by anger, resentment, stress, fear…fill in the blank.

What I love about this simple tool is that you can use it anywhere.  You can practice it on your commute to work while you are stopped at a red light.  You can practice it at the dinner table when you are having a difficult conversation with a family member; just place your hand under the table and say your mantra mentally.  Use it when you are frustrated, angry, sad, or any other emotion you would like to transform into peace. 

There are many reasons why you want to make sure you get your daily meditation practice in.  This mantra highlights one of the most important reasons: Ultimately, you must be that which you want to create in your life.  You want more love? Be love. You want more understanding? Be understanding.  You want more peace? Be peace.  Like attracts like.  I know it is hard to be that which you want in your life; how can you “be” something that you feel you lack? That’s why tools like these help.  I promise you, if you use this tool consistently, you will see how your lack of peace will transform.  By slowly becoming peace, you create peace around you.  

Here’s a wonderful video of Gabrielle Bernstein (a great teacher I have learned a lot from) practicing the mantra.

Here’s a wonderful video of Gabrielle Bernstein (a great teacher I have learned a lot from) practicing the mantra.

Of all the things I want to create in my life, peace is by far the most important.  If we do not have peace we cannot enjoy anything else in life, no matter how great it may be.  Here are a few quote cards you can share or save on your phone that will support you in your practice for greater peace.  Just reading these brings peace.  

Do you know someone who may want to use this meditation tool?  Share this article with them, or share it with your friends and family so they can also start creating the life they want to live.