Stop taking on other peoples’ problems alone

Life can become complicated when our Destructive Self is in control and chooses to take on every single problem we encounter alone.  At times, our Destructive Self goes even further, having us take on other people’s problems by ourselves.

Here’s a great example that occurred to me a while back.

At the time, while working with a big client I had two executives approach me separately with different requests.  Executive #1 engaged me on a deliverable that would take some days to accomplish.  A few days later, executive #2 asked for a deliverable that would take just as long.  They both wanted their projects completed at the same time.

Here is an example of how our Destructive Self might direct us in this situation:

Say yes to both, somehow attempt to work 48 hours a day instead of the 24 that even exist, put any of your needs last, eat at your desk, skip yoga, skip meditation, cancel any social events with friends, tell everyone around you how very busy and stressed you are and not to approach you with anything unless it is an emergency, go to bed late, wake up early, and take absolutely no breaks. Don’t worry about running yourself ragged mind, body, and spirit; the priority is to get the projects delivered.  Present and submit all hoping and praying that nothing was missed in the quest to get an incredible amount accomplished in an incredibly small amount of time.  This will finally prove your worth to all.

This is the self we absolutely do not want to listen to.  Our Destructive Self will have us living completely disconnected from our values, joy, and purpose.  And hence why it’s so crucial to live connected from our True Self. 

This is an example of the simple and direct guidance our True Self provides:

Stop making this only your problem.  We take an incredible amount of responsibility for those around us.  Maybe there is a miscommunication between these parties.  Or maybe it’s a reflection of organizational culture dysfunction. Taking superhuman actions to straighten everything out may work the first time.  It could even work the second time.  But it is not sustainable.  And it will lead to illness.  So today, stop making situations like this only your problem.

What ended up happening?  When the executives were together at a meeting I asked both which was priority.  That simple question also had an important point: We are in this together.  And guess what? When they saw the depth of their requests and their timelines, they put their heads together and figured out a better option.  They took responsibility of the problem along with me.  I walked away with exciting work, but more importantly, I walked away aligned with my True Self.   

Listening to our True Self takes work.  Our self-worth needs to be in place, with a commitment on our part to be dedicated and disciplined about protecting it.  When we honor this commitment, the quality of our life changes dramatically.  I couldn’t be happier with having made this choice. 

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I hope this article was of service to you. 

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