The people in your life are your teachers

One of my greatest teachers :)

One of my greatest teachers :)

I have become a student of A Course in Miracles, and one of my favorite lessons from the text states that everyone who comes into your life is here to be your teacher.  There are no coincidences.  I had heard of this philosophy before, but had never truly internalized it.  Randomly I would remember this idea, though it was not something I practiced daily. 

 Today it is much more a part of my subconscious thinking.  And let me tell you guys, this is a powerful lesson.  When you begin to approach interactions from this place, you can feel agendas, egos, and fears drop and, even if just for a moment, it’s as if two beings remember their true essence. 

Our relationships are classified in three levels:

1. The simplest level seems to be quite superficial.  “A chance meeting of two strangers in an elevator, a child who is not looking where he is going running into an adult…” These are not chance encounters but opportunities to love.  Maybe the strangers will smile at one another, brightening a blue day.  Maybe the adult will not scold the child for bumping into him

2. The second level will happen when two people enter a more sustained relationship and then separate.  These are the romantic relationships, the friendships, the teachers we had through high school, the professors through college, even your doctor!  These offer deeper opportunities to evolve our spiritual practice and ability to love

3. The third level is made up of relationships that are lifelong.  In these relationships, “each person is given a chosen learning partner who represents him with unlimited opportunities for learning. These relationships are generally few because their existence implies that those involved have reached a stage simultaneously in which the teaching-learning balance is actually perfect.  This does not mean they necessarily recognize this; in fact, they generally do not.  They may even be quite hostile for some time and perhaps for life. Yet should they decide to learn it, the perfect lesson is before them and can be learned”.  And that my friends, could be your relationship with your mother (or your father), or with your daughter, or with your son.  It could be with your brother or your sister…only you know.  But do remember that through this relationship you have “unlimited opportunities for learning” and ask the energy of the universe to give you the courage and strength to learn.

I invite you guys to start seeing every single person you interact with as a teacher providing you an opportunity for your development.  You will amazed at what will begin to happen!

Lots of Love,