Visualize it, feel it, believe it, and see it come to life

See Amy on Oprah

Recently I was watching Oprah interview Amy Purdy, a professional snowboarder who lost both of her legs at age 19

In the interview, Amy describes a practice that I often do (almost every day, in my morning meditation) and that I’ve shared with you all before: the practice of visualization

Amy's TED Talk

Amy explains how when she lost her legs, she asked herself this question: “If my life were a book and I were its author how would I want this story to go?” And began to visualize herself exactly how she wanted the story to go. 

She would see herself snowboarding down a mountain.  

Even more powerful, she would feel herself snowboarding, feeling the wind pressing against her, and her muscles twitching as if it all were happening at that very moment in the visualization. 

She forgot about “how” it could happen, and just visualized the experience completely. 

And as we know, despite losing her legs, she manifested it into reality, winning medals in professional competitions such as the Paralympic games.  

Amy now believes that if you can see it, feel it, and believe it, it is completely possible

Visualization is one of my go-to tools (take a look at a segment I did for Estrella a while back by clicking here). 

Have you ever had one of those days when you just don’t really know what you are going to get out of the day?  It feels like it will be ho-hum? 

Perfect day to do a visualization in the morning.  If your day were a book and you were the author, how would you write your day? Visualize it.  Feel it.  Believe it.  You will be surprised how when you go to bed that evening you will have manifested it. 

Having a good time at my last Estrella segment

Having a good time at my last Estrella segment

Do you have a very important meeting?  A huge event to go to?  Visualize yourself going about in the meeting exactly how you would like to go.  See yourself walking into the room, smiling (or not) at people as you come across them, speaking with conviction, winning.

You can do this at any time in the day (and in any place).  I love doing it in the early morning, after I meditate.  My mind is pretty quiet then, and I’m able to really imagine all that I want for myself. 

I hope you use this tool…It’s power is incredible.