When you do this, The Universe conspires in your favor

This past weekend, I did a workshop at the 2015 Youth Health Summit at the San Francisco AIDS foundation.  As with all of the workshops that I do, participants are not the only ones learning, I am also learning a ton from them.  My learning this time?  A reminder of the most important thing The Universe asks from us in order to best serve us: Show up.

Wrapping up a great day with the participants!

Wrapping up a great day with the participants!

Myself and the participants had decided to show up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in San Francisco.  If you live in California, you know sunny weather is hard to come by in SF.  Not only that, but there was a big baseball game and The Golden State Warriors, San Francisco’s basketball team, had just won the national championship two days before, so there was a big party going on in their honor.  Despite this, all of the participants showed up at the foundation ready to learn how to live a better life.  It sounds so simple, but the simple act of making the effort and showing up in life is the #1 thing that is often needed.  We often want things to change, but we don’t start by showing up for ourselves.  We want to lose weight, but we can’t show up at the gym (or even infront of our TV with an exercise DVD…or around the block to go on a walk).  We want to start a meditation practice, but we don’t show up early in the morning for 5 minutes to just breathe. 

We can make all the plans in the world, we can have the most incredible dreams, but if we don’t make the simple act of showing up, nothing will happen.  It’s scary to show up, because what happens if we do and, well…things don’t happen as quickly as we want them to?  Or what if it’s hard? Yet it has been my experience that when we show up time and time again, the world, The Universe, rises up to meet us.  When we believe enough in our dream and in ourselves to put in the effort and take the baby steps necessary, getting past the inertia, the boredom, the fear, the discomfort, the sacrifice, the trade-offs, we start sending messages to the world and The Universe.  Opportunities start appearing, doors to knock on begin to manifest.  I cannot tell you that it is easy.  The reason we choose not to show up for ourselves is because of all of the things we have to overcome.  Yet, let the participants of the 2015 Youth Health Summit serve as an example.  The simple act of showing up on a sunny Saturday afternoon is a step in the right direction.  Eventually these steps start adding up and life does start to improve.  One day you wake up and wonder how you got to the place you always wanted to get to, until you realize it was the accumulation of the baby steps you took over time.  The simple, small times you showed up to an event, showed up at the gym, showed up for a meeting, showed up late at the office to finish a presentation, showed up at the grocery store to buy healthy food, showed up in what you thought were the most insignificant ways, that added up in into the most significant way.

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